I have spent the majority of my career trying to automate the loan process.  The funny part is I’m not sure why. Why do we do this?  We take a human process that requires people to make it work and we try to make it 1% faster by using a million different software platforms, systems, processes etc. The mortgage process is already complicated enough and no amount of software can take that part away. Sure automation helps to some degree, but it can also take away from the most important part of a transaction. Face to face interaction.

I’ve watched agents meet with clients and while they should be focused on understanding their clients complex needs, they are trying to navigate through ten different software applications. In an effort to make things move smoother they have stopped listening.  Big mistake!  When you meet with someone to help them it should be with a pen, paper, ears, and mouth.  I would recommend you use ears more than all of them. Once you have decided on a good plan of action then you can start tracking every little detail.  This is not to say details aren’t important it’s just to say that people are most important and if you are too busy to listen, you will certainly miss something.

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