Baby Steps

Have you ever seen the movie “What about Bob”?

In the movie, Bob, played by Bill Murray, is a character that is a germaphobe. The movie begins with Bob leaving his house for an appointment with his psychiatrist. The scene depicts the extreme difficulty and challenge it is for Bob to get out of his own home. When Bob finally arrives for his appointment, he learns that his psychiatrist has retired and relocated. This happened because the psychiatrist simply could not handle Bob any longer. He chose to dump Bob to a new psychiatrist, Leo, a published author and rather successful doctor.

When Bob first meets Leo, played by Richard Dreyfuss, he gets the doctor’s new book and one simple principle, “baby steps”, to help him with his ailments. According to this principle, one should simply take baby steps to obtain goals.

Bob takes this viewpoint very literally as he takes baby steps to walk to the door, down the steps, and onto the bus. Throughout the movie, a series of crazy events and this little principle aids Bob with most of his weaknesses, and he begins to lead a normal life.

This example of Bob is humorous, but it is also a practical way for all of us to see what happens if we just start taking a step in the direction we want to go.

All too often, it is easier to complain about something than actually take action to fix it. Taking baby steps simply means taking one small step every day to get a little closer to what you want. Whether it is losing weight, graduating school, getting a job, or obtaining a license you desire, you must take action!

Here is another simple way to focus on your goals.

Choose the goal that you have desired for the longest amount of time. Now, every day, focus on getting 1% better or closer to that goal. If you do this, you will be 30% closer to this objective at the end of one month.

Imagine being that much closer to your target. Don’t let this giant dream of yours weigh you down. Simply get a little closer every day and chase that goal down.

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