Great Transactions are Done Face to Face

If you truly want a great transaction: Meet! Be human, show up, take the time to drive to a place and interact.   I know it seems hard getting in the car, bringing all the pertinent documents, and being present. We have so much going on (kids, sports, work, etc.), but taking the time to meet (especially for a future mortgage) is worth every second.

We often think (I’m just as guilty of this) that we are smarter than the ones we seek guidance from. In fact, with a little bit of google and a dash of the water cooler advice we can do almost anything. Wrong!

It is actually the combination of your knowledge of yourself and the professionals knowledge of the process that create the perfect recipe for success.  You can’t short change this to be over the phone because the 80% of the communication (which is non-verbal) isn’t being seen. It’s the look you give that says I’m confused, please explain, or the way your arms cross to say I don’t want to go down that road that tell the real story.  Communication that occurs face to face is more authentic, efficient, and better understood.

Now be careful with whom you meet, but don’t be afraid to meet.  Remember that we are designed as people to read others face to face so you can sort out the bad ones very well in person. In fact, this is incredibly hard to do via text or email. Anyone can tell you they care in an email and you sort of have to believe them, but this is hard to fake on ones face.

We often say buyer beware. Which is such great advice, but we need to make sure we are using our skills to be aware and whether you like it or not this is just a recipe served best “face to face”.

Thanks for reading. Now go put your phone down and meet someone!

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