Here's What to Expect!

Step 1

Let's Talk - ``We Want to Meet You!``

Preferably, we want to meet you face to face so we can truly get to know you and make you laugh too!

This meeting is to find out what your goals are and lead you down the path of a healthy mortgage!  That means honest advice with your future in mind. Financial information is a big part of this conversation because it’s what your mortgage will be based on. If you want a house you can’t afford, we’ll be honest and tell you that it may be better to consider a less expensive option. We aren’t trying to sell you, we’re leading you down the path of a healthy mortgage that will set you up for success, not failure!

Step 2

Prequalification - ``Show Me the Money!``

This step involves providing proof of income, running credit reports, and providing other financial information. This is to establish the maximum loan amount you are pre-qualified for so that you can go house shopping!

Step 3

House Shopping - ``Who Doesn't Love Shopping?!``

Who doesn’t love shopping? Especially, house shopping! This is usually the funnest part of the process. You’re choosing your future home and picturing  furniture and decor to fill it with! Once you’ve found your ideal home and under contract you’re ready for the next step!

Step 4

Loan Application - ``Can I Have Your Autograph?``

During this phase, it’s pretty straight forward. We submit your mortgage application to the underwriting department along with various documents and request approval for a mortgage.

Step 5

Processing - ``The Nitty Gritty.``

Honestly, this part of the process will probably frustrate you the most. Why? Documentation… and lots of it. You will have to provide many financial documents and keep them updated. Which means you may have to provide it more than once to ensure it’s the most up to date version. When our processors call you and request documentation, they are working for you and it’s helpful to get these documents quickly. Trust us, we wish we could make this part easier, but we’ll be there for you every step of the way!

Step 6

Closing - ``You're Done...FINALLY!``

After LOTS of patience and documentation, you’ve made it! Your processor has called you with some great news—you are “Clear to Close!” You remember why you started this crazy adventure in the first place, and your dream is about to come true! Congratulations!