Take The Risk

Infants are cute, loving, needy, and helpless. At the same time they are also amazingly brave, courageous, and tenacious. You see an infant knows very little when they enter this world. Soon enough they will know who mommy and daddy is and so much more. The most important thing that we need to learn from infants is there ability to just keep going. They fall, they get back up, they fall again and get back up again. The average infant falls 5 times a day and yet they get up, keep going and learn to walk and soon run.

Is this you? Are you able to fall/fail 5 times a day and get back up? Are you afraid to take a risk and take that step? Be like an infant, try to fail 5 times a day because I promise you will learn to walk then run. Take that leap for that new job, business opportunity, relationship or whatever it is that you are afraid of. Now, taking a risk doesn’t mean buying that stock that you want at 11 o’clock at night after a few glasses of wine. Most of the time this will not be a good decision as your decision making skills are being affected by the alcohol… which is why you also don’t drink and drive, not a good risk.

Risks are calculated. You understand what it is you are seeking and then go for it. Put the pieces you believe you need in place weather that is money, or location, or time a way with that special someone and go for it. No risk, no reward. If the infant doesn’t fall they never learn to walk. At some point we experience so much pain that we stop going for things and reaching for that next goal. The pain will subside, it may be a week, it may be a year but it will go away. Just like stubbing your toe, it is the only thing you can think of in that moment, but it does go away. You wake up the next morning and take a little different path in order to avoid stubbing your toe again, but you keep getting out of bed right?

This is how we have to be, stub your toe, make an adjustment and keep going. You may stub your toe again but never let it stop you. Keep taking risk, and at the very least you will learn how to take risk better.

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